Yann Bigant

Yann Bigant

Born in Paris.

Coming from a scientific background, Yann Bigant studied architecture in China. Working on a memoir on the place of traditional houses in rapidly changing urban contexts, he started to photograph cities across Asia, interested in the transformation of their visual identity. His first project, Chinese City (2009-2013), was exhibited in France and Italy.

Fascinated by remote and seemingly barren ‘wild places’ and the relationships – experienced or imagined – we develop with them, he started to photograph landscapes. Using a medium format film camera, he showcased the high valleys of Kham in Mountains of Eastern Tibet (2015) before using both digital and film in Silences (2020), a study on Arctic landscapes.

Concerned by the disappearance of the natural world, he has been involved in environmental preservation since 2013. He co-organized a scientific expedition to Greenland, before developing conservation projects and highlighting environmental issues in Indonesia with the NGO Naturevolution. He currently focuses on conservation stories in Cambodia.

Yann is available for photo and video commissions (incl. drone & underwater) and his images are available for licensing.

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2023  DongGang International Photo Festival, Yeongwol, Korea
2023  Good Natured film festival (group show), Oxford, UK
2023  Pray for Prey (group show), Futures Factory, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2020  Silent Cities (group show), loosenart, WEFO20 Rome, Italy
2020  Ex-Nihilo Gallery, Grenoble, France
2017  Photo Month, Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble, France
2016  Pygmaphore Gallery, Grenoble, France
2016  European Photography Festival, Milan, Italy
2016  Landscapes, Coffee Groupies, Shanghai, China
2015  Pygmaphore Gallery, Grenoble, France
2014  Les Anges de Verre Gallery (group show), Arles, France
2013  L’Image Publique festival (slideshow), Rennes, France
2013  Architecturales (group show), La Rochelle, France
2012  L’O.R.A.G.E festival, Montpellier, France