Yann Bigant 海源

Mawlamyine, 2010

Born in Paris in 1983.

Several years of architecture studies in China and extensive travels over Asia have led me to photography, as a way to reflect upon the various angles places are being lived and looked at. A research memoir on the old traditional houses in Chinese cities was a mean to explore cities undergoing a transformation seemingly threatening their identity. Otherwise fascinated by more distant lands, long hikes on foot or with horses on the Tibetan plateau and in the Mongolian steppe brought me closer to more remote communities.

The projects I work on span on several years, with a drive to explore places in depth, to outline essences and relationships, in order to understand the various layers of reality stacked over certain locations. For its diversity and contemporary mutations, Asia has always been the land of predilection for my projects.

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2020  Silent Cities (group show), loosenart, WEFO20 Rome
2020  Ex-Nihilo Gallery, Grenoble
2017  Photo Month, Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble, France
2016  Pygmaphore Gallery, Grenoble, France
2016  European Photography Festival, Milan, Italy
2016  Landscapes, Coffee Groupies, Shanghai, China
2015  Pygmaphore Gallery, Grenoble, France
2014  Les Anges de Verre Gallery (group show), Arles, France
2013  L’Image Publique festival – favourites’ slideshow, Rennes, France
2013  Architecturales (group show), La Rochelle, France
2012  L’O.R.A.G.E festival, Montpellier, France