Rock climbing in Cambodia

Climbing competitions

Every year Phnom Climb Community Gym, Cambodia’s only commercial gym, holds the Sva Prey bouldering competition.

The Angkor Climbers Net (ACN), a non-profit set up by a late Japanese climber working in Siem Reap, used to operate a climbing wall for Siem Reap’s young climbers. Every year, together with Cambodia’s Climbing Federation, ACN holds the Angkor Cup climbing competition.

Phnom Climb Community Gym

Set up in 2016, Phnom Climb is run by a friendly bunch of climbers, many of whom grew up honing their skills on ACN’s wall in Siem Reap. Shooting done for Phnom Climb Community Gym.

Outdoor climbing

Though Cambodia has plenty of suitable rock, only a few crags are developed, each rarely featuring more than two dozen routes. The potential for outdoor climbing development in the country is immense.

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